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ARGH.... okay not really. I do have an eyepatch though. As many of you probably don't know, I suffer from optical migraines. These ocasionally take the sight from one of my eyes for a few moments before turning back to normal. Well I had one a few weeks ago that was so rough that things didn't go back to normal. I was never told that optical migraines can permanently damage my sight. So, to rest my eye (which now has lovely underwater vision) I am wearing a very crudely made eyepatch. 

Other news, I'm still writing Chasing Foxes and plan on posting bits of 'From the Blood of Dragons' (once known as Vampire's Fairy Tale) on a future date. 

I am on daily. Been waking up at 5:30 am my time just so I can write. Please don't think I've gone into hiding again. Just busy.
Wet and full was the only way to describe it. We had gotten too distracted, and it was understandable. We didn’t go out to eat that often and you weren’t completely on the big kid wagon yet. You did know you had to go, just a little too late. It had already happened. But that’s what pull ups are for. They’re there for your mistakes. They’re there for you to learn. And they're there for you to grow.

So we packed you in the car, drove across the parking lot to the nearest store with a family bathroom. I grabbed your big-kid back-pack filled with pull ups and wipes. You took my finger and we walked to the store.

We were nearly there. Just a little bit to go. You smiled and waved to people as the drove or walked by, even said 'hi' to a large group of older folks. And then you said it. Words that made my heart sink for just a second.


“What uh-oh?” I asked looking over at you quickly. It wasn’t a hard ‘uh-oh’ to miss. In fact it was a really big uh-oh that made my face turn red as the older people began sniggering.

Your pants, and your pull-up had both fallen below your knees. All of your 2 year old glory was out for the world to see.

“Wow,” I found myself sounding much more composed than I felt, “That is an uh-oh.” I pulled up your pull-up and pants and picked up. “Let’s go fix your uh-oh.” With a kiss on your nose we continued on to the store. We continued to grow.
This happened the other day and I guess I just wanted to share this story. Kind of strange to find myself growing up even though I'm technically a grown up. 
Chapter 1

"Always ask, always receive!"

The blinking L.E.D screen read several stories above Silvia's head. She leaned against an unmanned fruit stand and looked at the tall buildings and happy people. The streets were lined with posters, billboards and even more LED screens each saying something like "Servants are happy when they serve. Keep your servant happy!", "Nothing is ever too much!" with a touch of "Don't leave your servant behind, they are there for you!" and "Don't get in trouble, you'll make your servant sad." Accompanying this sign was the trademark servants' black mask with a cartoon tear coming out of the eye hole.

Silvia casually looked over fruit, picking them up, one at a time, and rolling them in her hands. Their gleaming skins of different colors reflected her face. She finally found one that was worth her palate and took a bite out the crisp flesh as her servant ran, breathless, to her side.

“Miss, please don't run off like that,” he said huffing. "You could have hurt yourself." He was about a head taller than she was. His entire head covered by a black mask that revealed only his hazel eyes. He wore a three piece suit that was all black, only a white undershirt broke up the monotony.

She smiled and took a moment to swallow the fruit, “Oh come on, Felix, I can't do that.” She had always enjoyed running away.

He shook his head her, “I wish you would try. I don't think constantly chasing after you is conducive to well managed day.”

Silvia took a moment to eat another bite of the fruit before tossing the core to Felix, “But weren't you the one who said that you could handle caring for anyone? I don't want to be a handful, but this is a matter of your pride."

He bagged the fruit core and tucked it away in one of his pockets, “I never said I had pride and you are not a handful. You can run around all you want as long as you don't get in trouble.” he sigh as he caught sight of her bloodied knee, “Miss, how did you manage to do that?”

She looked down and shrugged with a show of bravado, “I guess I must have fallen when I fooled you.” In truth her knee really stung and she didn't like the feeling of blood running down her leg.

Felix bent down and began to clean and bandage her knee while chuckling to himself, “I swear, you're the only Master I know of who doesn't cry when they spill their blood. Half of these other ladies and gentlemen," He gestured at the other Masters who were happily walking past them, "Would be having a fit if they pricked their finger let alone bloody their entire knee.”

“I guess that's the trade you get, I don't kick and scream while you nurse my knee and in return you have to chase me all over the city.” She laughed.

“Sometimes I think I would rather you kicked and screamed.”

“Awe, don't tell me you are going to give up and go to an easier Mistress. You haven't even been at it for a whole three months.” Silvia looked at the different signs and leaned against the fruit stands while Felix finished the bandage. One sign in particular said, "Stay in sight, stay safe!" with the trademark black mask of servants beside the words. The words seemed to loom over her even after she looked away.
Felix allowed himself to rest for a moment on the ground, “I said nothing about giving up, I like a good challenge.”

“Good,” she said. She leaped up and pushed hard against the stand. She allowed herself a giggle as it tipped over and spilled all of it's goods onto Felix. She started running and winced as she heard a large crash. She looked back only once to see that the entire stand had fallen onto Felix. She didn't worry about his health; servants couldn't be hurt, they never bled and their bones didn’t break. They could take any abuse sent their way.

She ran for three blocks, taking this turn and that alley way until she was confidant that she had lost him. She let her stride fall back into a relaxed pace and looked around, a large smile on her face. Thanks to that little stunt she was sure to have at least half an hour to herself. The other ladies and sirs used their servants differently, though very few had one servant to themselves. It was frowned on to have a single lady or sir take up a servant, it wasn't proper. Usually three to five people would have a servant carry their things or check for hot soup. Only the troublesome and delinquents caused enough trouble to take up an entire servant for themselves.

Silvia ignored the scowls that were directed at her by the 'well mannered' and 'proper' sirs and ladies. She brushed her hair behind her ears, taking just a moment to feel the strange bump that sat behind her ear. She took only a moment to think about how that bump always made her feel like something was wrong before continuing.

About halfway down the road, something caught her eye. There was a crowd.

Crowds weren't unheard of, but they weren't common place, usually only gathering when someone hurts themselves or otherwise makes a scene. What made this crowd so different is that there was no screaming, or shouting. There were excited squeals and loud whispers. Very rarely did something like this happen. It usually meant that the King or Queen were making an announcement. Silvia wormed her way through the crowd, she brushed past and pushed against the people in the crowd until she made it to the front.

Just as she expected, in the middle of the crowd was a man dressed in the royal colors of Red and Gold. In his hands he held a roll of parchment and Silvia stifled a laugh. They could use a tablet or a portable display screen but the always did things the old fashioned way. They had amazing technology and still the royal family preferred to be dramatic.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Prince Ravyn has announced that he is having a ball on the next full moon. We are pleased to announce that everyone is welcome but it is recommended all single young ladies attend since Prince Ravyn is currently looking for a bride.”
The giggles and squeals of excitement from the ladies around her were enough to make her go deaf. Nonetheless she could feel the excitement crawl on her skin and tickle her stomach. She grinned, she was going nab herself a Prince. She looked at the other ladies in the crowd, some were prettier than she was, some were probably smarter or stronger or had more friends but they were all missing one thing she had.


“See all of you lovely people this weekend," The crier smiled while he rolled up the parchment. "Your servants will be briefed, tomorrow, on everything you need to know.” The crier said before bowing out.

The crowd dispersed, and Silvia decided to find a cafe. She was starting to get a little peckish. She stared at the coffee sign unsure whether the girl on the sign was better looking that she was or not. It wasn't that she cared, it was just something that she found everyone else doing and just kind of started doing it as a habit.
After the fifteen obligatory seconds of contemplating fashion and weight she went into the shop and requested a couple brownies, a salad, and whatever coffee they had at the ready. She sat down in a corner booth, her back to the door and facing an old motivational poster of a kitten falling out of a tree that said 'Falling doesn't hurt if you never hit the ground'.

The atmosphere of the shop was calming and she liked how it wasn't too busy. The only thing that bugged her was the poster. It was just like the city she lived in. There were no worries, no responsibilities. Not until the recent ball announcement, there was nothing to give her purpose. There had to be some kind of ground she could land on and break a few bones. It rubbed her wrong in so many ways and she had no idea why.
It Began with a Fire: Ch.1
Chapter 1 of my novel. Let me know what you think please. 

It began with a fire. As cold as ice, hard as rock and bright as flame. It stood in the middle of the void for many long years before shattering. First stepped out the elves, their long legs dancing gracefully over the unrefined silk of the universe. They waited patiently as the White Dragon, Enerelvis emerged, her long wings already torn and aged from battles she was yet to fight. Her large eyes twinkled and she gave birth to three dragons.

First born was Theecrose. In a single slam of his foot he pulled up the large continent that most life inhabits and the two great islands for the elves and the White one. He thundered slowly from the south leaving large mountains and stone arches where ever he walked. As he reached the tip of his land he let loose a large breath and spilled a massive dessert across the land. He dug a deep tunnel deep under the world and kept himself busy with his people, the dwarfs.

Second born was his lover, Kanza. Her blue scales icy and hard but not quite as cold as the ice she breathed onto the land. She flew down from the north, creating great frozen mountains and masses of ice that flowed from her mouth. Fractals and shattered ice dusted the land. Her wings collided with the air and oceans fell from the sky as solid chunks of ice. She made a home in the mountains to watch over the vast ice lands so that she may save those who won her favor and were worthy of her rescue and freeze those who did not.

Merrick, the youngest rushed over the oceans and the heat from his wings alone melted the ice. He assaulted the continent in the middle breathing fire into the land on massive circles. To the south he grazed the dessert and made a large belt of glass. Each revolution would melt more sand, his massive wings cooling the glass and letting it fall down as more sand settled on top, only to be melted. It was said that if you stood on this mass of glass and looked down you could see the life core of the world spinning far below you. The glass itself held such great powers that any blow from a weapon forged from it would cause the skin to burn away and leave rock in its place.

His fire also hit the great ice planes in his seven revolutions. Each blast would melt the ice and hit the earth causing quakes so powerful that massive ore faced cliffs would shoot from the ground. His fires hit so purely that when he was done there were five large, mirror faced cliffs that had veins of multicolored metals. Each tempered to a different strength and any weapon made from these cliffs would cause ones skin to ignite in a frozen fire.

In the very center of the continent, the heat from Merrick’s fires caused the ground to crumble into rich soil The elves pulled the plants and nature from this soil, knitting great forests and stitching each blade of grass in the vast savannahs that cover the lands. North, middle and South.

Silvia listened to the lesson as she looked out a small window. As her mother dolled on she watched the dead tree branches wave in the clouded sky. Then something caught her her eye; a small group of hooded figures, the Keepers, were going into the long house next to hers. She wondered what the looked like under their dark grey hoods. She watched them until they disappeared into the longhouse and she went back to staring at the dead trees and clouded sky.

The trees grew in the distance, past the fences and the houses. Any farther was only darkness. Brisk autumn air shook the tree branches and howled through the hairline cracks of the window; this was her second window to the world. She could stand there and watch it change for hours. The sky would sometimes show small specks of light and other times a bright orb, the moon, would light up the snow that always covered the ground.  

Always changing over and over, the moons her only friends to help show her the way.
Every now and then there would be a keeper who would walk from house to house. Sometimes  they would just to look inside for a few seconds, other times they would bring a burlap sack filled with food.

She liked it when they brought food.

The little girl sometimes wished she was a keeper so that she could see the world past her window. She would love it if she could wear the boots of the keepers over her bare feet.

“Silvia! Are you listening?” The woman asked, hovering over the small child. “You need to pay attention. These stories have been passed down for thousands of years.”

Silvia looked away from the window and took her mother’s hand. Older faces watched her with fondness as she was led to the small circle of children waiting for story time to continue. The house wasn't as full as it could be with only eleven people. Usually there were more bodies, at least twenty, to huddle together for warmth during the long winter nights. But there would be more soon: Three of the woman wrapped their arms around large bellies that would soon yield babies who would fill the empty cots.  

The woman sat back down, her belly flat, and Silvia snuggled into her lap; her mother’s lap. This was her first window into the world. It wasn’t always her favorite, but she still loved the tales her mother would weave.

Silvia’s brothers and sister sat around her mother looking at her expectantly. Silvia was the youngest of the five of them at only four years old. Her oldest brother leaned back against his cot mimicking their leader.

"Please continue, Liv." Their leader said from his bed, his green eyes sparkling with a smile. He had a long, gnarly beard that grew over most of his face. He wore the same burlap smock as everyone else in the long house.

“Of course,” she took a deep breath and breathed out to clear the air. She brushed her red-blonde hair out of her face and closed her bright blue eyes. Then she began.

"After the lands were made Enerevlis took the fire that she and Elves came from and planted it deep into the world, at the very center and let it dissolve and become the soul stream. From the stream she pulled out life. Every animal was pulled out, including the humans.

"Us." She waited as the children murmured for a moment. Then continued. "The Elves took their homes to the East in a large forest island and kept to themselves. They only left their home at Evenrelvis' request. Evenrelvis took her home in the West on a large island that was connected to the continent by a giant ice bridge. She welcomed any and all into her kingdom. It was said that her scales could cure any illness and calm any sickness. Any who approached her felt the warmth of pure, unharnessed life.

"While the dragons and elves' blood was rich with magic, humans had barely a drop. But that didn't stop some from aspiring to learn and these few became the white wizards. The white wizards were Enerevlis' right hand men. They lived on her mountain with her learning from her and she would learn from them."

"Wait," Pip, the eldest boy, interrupted, "What could Enerevlis, the creator of the creators, learn from humans?"

Liv smiled, "She could learn that each living thing had a special gift that could help or hinder the world."

"How could humans hinder?" Pip asked. "We're always caged up and taken care of."

"Well, things weren't always like this. We used to roam free, finding food for ourselves and living or dying depending on our own choices.Then came the day of the first thief." She paused to see if Pip would interject again but he was quiet. Silvia, cuddled in close to her mother, hardly noticed when the leader and one of the small bellied ladies went into the back room. "It was a stormy night and no one expected a thing. Vlad, for that was his name, climbed up to the mountain top where Enerevlis slept and, using a metal thorn, pricked her tail stealing a single drop of the great dragon's blood.” The children gasped and shuddered. Silvia's mother paused to let the idea take hold before continuing, “He took this drop back to his home, a cave in Enerevlis's very mountain, and drank her blood.”

"They say that his screams could be heard across the lands for three long nights. Once he emerged from his cave on a new moon's night, he was pale and different. He was no longer a human, but he wasn't a wizard, nor a dragon, nor an elf nor anything else that had been known. He shunned the bright light and kept to the shadows. Above all he had a burning hunger and only one thing in mind to eat.
He wanted more blood.

"Evenrelvis knew what Vlad had done so she took him up to her mountain before he could steal blood from anyone else. She didn't kill him. She knew everything happened for a reason and accepted him for what he was.

But she did curse him making his nose so sensitive that the most pungent smells would repel him and anyone who held tight to their ideals could send him away with the symbol of their faith. She made it so he would always go to sleep before the bright light lit up the world. His wings were stripped from him and was given one gift.

"He was the first to be able to change into something he was not, but only one thing. A bat.

"She also helped him find the ability to change humans into thieves like him. But she warned him that he couldn't change everyone, and long after the youngest child died of old age, he would still live in his cave preying on those Evenrelvis deemed worthy of him to eat. She turned him into her harbinger, her reaper. He brought death to those who killed unnecessarily, those who stole what was not their's to take. And, he was in charge of guarding the mountain while everyone else slept. He accepted these terms because he had the power he wanted. He spread his gift to three others and they kept watch over the dragons and culled evil, abrasive humans from the world.

"Then came the second thief," Liv smiled down at the children and kissed Silvia on the forehead, "Vlad slept every bright light, as did his sons. So the thief easily found his way through the cave and pricked Vlad with the very same metal thorn that had pricked Evenrevlis and stole an entire flask of his blood. The thief quickly escaped and left the mountains. But his absence was noticed. He had been one of the white wizards.”

The children gasped.

“Why? I thought they were good and powerful!” One of the kids piped.

Liv nodded. “Oh, they were. But they weren't immortal. The second thief wanted to live forever and took the cursed blood far away and drank it all. He remained hidden for several years. Those who had been babies of the day he took the blood had had babies of their own when he finally returned. Unlike Vlad, the first thief, the second thief could walk in the bright light. He could control the elements and his wings were intact. This time Evenrevlis wasn't as forgiving as before. She knew that none who started as a human should ever have so much power and took a deep breath to remove him from the world.

“He avoided most of her attack, losing only one very important thing. He lost his name.”

“Mommy Liv,” One of the boys started, “How is a name important?”

“It holds who we are and gives us a purpose in life and connects us to the soul stream. When he lost his name, he lost his soul's essence and had nothing to hold him to who he was. He probably had plans to use his prize, but he lost all his ambitions, his dreams and desires when he lost his name. He was a shell, empty and lost. He searched to fill this shell far from the land of the dragons, he found nothing he wanted other than revenge and desired for more power. Soon he was full of darkness, a yearning for nothing less than possessing the world. They say that if you ever looked him in the eyes, his black soul would carve out your heart and leave you empty, just as Evenrevlis had done to him.

“Having no name, people started calling him Black Cloak for the cloak he wore when he challenged Evenrevlis. That day was a dark-”

“Is that smoke?” One of the large bellied ladies interrupted, sniffing at the air.
Three other girls rushed to the windows and one gasped, “There's fire! The keepers are searching.”

Liv's grip on Silvia tightened, “Do you think they are looking for her?”

“I think so.”

A scream pierced the once peaceful night and was quickly followed by another.

It began with a fire.
It Began with a Fire: Prologue
A lot of my old friends and followers will recognize this stry, but not the title. That's because I have changed the title. It use to be 'Vampire's Fairy Tale' but that name no longer fits the book. I hope you can understand. It's been a long year of so much. I even tried to get this story published, but after being told that it's amazing BUT people just aren't into vampires any more I've decided to just let you read it. I'll be posting a chapter a week and  hopefully things won't get too hectic that I won't keep that promise.

For those really long term readers, keep me to my promise because I owe you the ending you've been waiting for. To those new readers, all I can say is I hope you enjoy the ride.
ARGH.... okay not really. I do have an eyepatch though. As many of you probably don't know, I suffer from optical migraines. These ocasionally take the sight from one of my eyes for a few moments before turning back to normal. Well I had one a few weeks ago that was so rough that things didn't go back to normal. I was never told that optical migraines can permanently damage my sight. So, to rest my eye (which now has lovely underwater vision) I am wearing a very crudely made eyepatch. 

Other news, I'm still writing Chasing Foxes and plan on posting bits of 'From the Blood of Dragons' (once known as Vampire's Fairy Tale) on a future date. 

I am on daily. Been waking up at 5:30 am my time just so I can write. Please don't think I've gone into hiding again. Just busy.


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My first love was my imagination and I am still in love with it. Now that my heart has more occupants I have less time to write, but that doesn't mean I am unhappy.

I enjoy writing just to write, but if someone likes it, it makes me twice as happy. If you don't like it I could always use the critique. I can always improve.

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